Wing Village Community Site

Wing Village Bucks website is here to provide the residents of Wing & its visitors with useful information such as places to go and eat as well as community events. As a member of the Wing Village Bucks website you can inform your fellow residents of events as they happen!

Getting Started

This website has been built with the end user in mind. Being able to view on every mobile and desktop device is crucial to its success. So go ahead and try it on your smartphone or tablet and see how easy it is to use

One you have signed up you can be an active member by sharing information as soon as it happens. But rather than battle with logging in every time, you can simply email the website and your "community alert" is added and emailed instantly to all our subscribers

How to Contribute

Sign up to become a member of our website and start sharing your information straight away. It couldn't be easier to get your message out to the village with just a few clicks.

To get involved in your local Wing Community just sign up in a few clicks and get started!

Once again, thank you for participating. I hope you enjoy using the site as much as I have enjoyed putting it together for you :)

Key Features

Wing Village Bucks website is full of features to assist you with communicating events across the village quicker and easier!


What could be quicker and easier that simply sending an email to this website and all your Wing Neighbours are informed within 15 minutes


Communicating with your neighbours within 15 minutes by email brings the world of electronic communication to Wing Buckinghamshire

Building Blocks

Building a more sociable and engaging platform for the residents of Wing Buckinghamshire to help their neighbours with important information